Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing through SNB Store

Why should I choose SNB Store?

SNB Store makes getting a car easier than ever. You can choose from a wide range of new and pre-owned cars from reputable dealers in Saudi Arabia and find a lease that works for you – all from the same website. You can then pick it up from the showroom of your choice. There’s no need to look anywhere else.

Are the cars sold in SNB Store quality certified?

SNB Store partnered with only the most reputable car dealerships.

What car brands are available in SNB Store?

We have a wide range of new cars from authorized dealerships and showrooms in Saudi Arabia.

Are the cars covered by warranty?

All cars available in the SNB Store are covered by a warranty. Please check the individual car listings to find the warranty for each vehicle.

Do I have to be a registered user?

At the moment, only SNB customers with AlAhliMobile/AlAhliOnline can purchase or access exclusive features on SNB Store. However, you do not need to be registered to look at our car listings.

Leasing with SNB 

Is leasing available only through SNB? 

All lease purchases in the SNB Store are done through SNB, Saudi’s largest bank. Auto leasing through SNB will provide you the most flexible payment options so you can afford the car you want.

How do I check if I am eligible for a leasing plan? 

During the purchase process, you will be asked to provide financial details so we can check your eligibility. In addition, our advanced lease calculator can also check your eligibility and give you an initial estimate of how much you can lease.

What are the requirements for leasing a car?

Requirements differ depending on the type of customer.

The required documents for SNB payroll client are:

.       Saudi National ID or Iqama.

.       Saudi driving license.

  • Employee certificate.

The required documents for non- payroll client:

  • Saudi National ID or Iqama.

.       Saudi driving license.

.       Employee certificate.

.       Bank statement for the last 3 months

.       GOSI certificate (only for Saudi in Private sector)

There are instances when additional documents may be required, and you will be notified.

What is the approval process for leasing a car? 

After selecting the vehicle and filling out the required information, you will be presented with the lease offer. You will then need to submit the required documents. Once these have been submitted, it will take 24 to 48 hours to review and process your lease application. When the lease is approved, the car will be registered and go through final checks. You will then be notified of the car pick-up date.

Orders and car pick-up

How will I receive my car after purchase?

Before completing your purchase, you will be asked which showroom you would like to pick up the car from.

How long do I have to wait to get my car?

Once your order has been confirmed, the dealer will be in touch with you to confirm the dates.

How can I check the status of my order?

Tracking and checking your order status are all available through your account under My orders. 

Can I change the pick-up date? 

If you want to set a new date after the dealer has already confirmed your pick-up date, please contact the dealer directly to arrange a new date.

Customer care (returns/complaints/cancellations)

How do I reach customer care?

You can contact 92000-0891 from 9am to 5pm on Saturday to Thursday. It’s our dedicated help line available to address any concerns you may have.

How can I cancel my order?  

All orders – for cars purchased with lease or paid in full – can be cancelled through the Order details page under My orders. However, if the lease has already been approved or if the order has been confirmed by the dealer, then the order can no longer be cancelled.

If I have complaints after receiving my car, should I contact the dealer or SNB?

In case there are faults or defects in the car you received, please get in touch immediately with the dealer after receiving the car. The client should thoroughly inspect the car before signing his acceptance of the current vehicle condition.

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